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Reiki is more than a healing modality.

Reiki goes where it's needed.

When what's needed is to unmask a killer, Reiki lights the narrow path to Red Heart's lair.

A murder mystery with a Reiki twist.

Millie Garner was woken in the middle of the night to identify a body with only her name and address as identification.

Drawn into the shadowy Red Heart's "game" Millie and her group pour Reiki into the situation and set about solving the mystery of their friend's death with the help of the local police.

You'll never feel the same again about accepting some stranger's friend request on social media as you follow the twisted Red Heart's plot to stalk his victim and entice her into his clutches.

A satisfyingly evil villain, plenty of twists and a truly shocking insight into the mind of a murderous psychopath, Knight keeps you guessing right to the end.

Praise for The Reiki Circle from Amazon

"A peaceful Reiki circle meets, then one is murdered, another stalked....I myself knew nothing about Reiki when I started this book; information is woven into the story in a very engaging way. Suspensful and exciting, I couldn't put it down till the satisfying final denouement. Highly recommended." - Mrs. H. C. M. Kerr

"... murder, mystery and suspense surrounding a Reiki circle who meet on a regular basis until one gets murdered. I enjoyed this book and will look out for more from this author as it kept me turning the pages until the end." - DenMorris

"I was really interested to read this as a former practitioner, the title intrigued me. It was a very easy read. I enjoyed the characters and how she used Reiki as the central focus. If you practice Reiki or not this is a nice little murder mystery. I really enjoyed it and hope she writes more." -  Linda L. Strother