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​What is a Reiki Circle?

Reiki circle featured imageThe term Reiki Circle can apply to two things:

  • The first is that it is a description of a group of Reiki practitioners who regularly come together to share Reiki
  • The second is a description applied to one of the practices they take part in when they have gathered. Also known as Reiki Mawashi, Reiki practitioners sit together, usually on chairs in a circle, dancing with the energy of Reiki.
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Reiki circle

Book Review: The Reiki Circle

The Reiki Circle

by Fiona McCallion

The Reiki Circle book coverMillie Garner, the main character in The Reiki Circle, is a Reiki practitioner with a surprising talent for detective work.

The book begins with Millie mulling over a recent gathering of her friends, giving us an insight into some of the other individuals, her attitude towards them and her own character flaws. It is her flaws, her acceptance of them and her constant battle with them that endear her almost immediately to the reader, whether familiar with Reiki or not. Continue reading Book Review: The Reiki Circle