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Ebook Vs Print | It’s a Matter of Preference

Where did all the book stores go? In today's guest post, Tina Marie Westbrook discusses eBooks vs print ... and reminisces on the joy of entering a book shop. Enjoy!
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It's a Matter of Preference

by Tina Marie Westbrook

Tina Westbrook ebook vs print headshotThere was a time, not so long ago, when a visit to the local bookstore was an adventure. But with time comes change and since the explosion of the internet the way we read and purchase books has virtually made bookstores extinct.
Perhaps my fondness of bookstores stems from my childhood. I grew up in the age of bookstores. Not only did we not have e-books, but we didn’t even have the internet! If a book was what you were looking for, you had to venture out your front door and make the trek to your local bookseller. Continue reading Ebook Vs Print | It’s a Matter of Preference