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How fun to make a video trailer for my book, The Reiki Circle. Apparently, this has been all the thing for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for authors' sites and book marketing since 2001, but most [pullquote]self published authors don't have the time, inclination or professional expertise to set about making a film-like 30 second video for their books[/pullquote]. There are quite a few on Youtube of varying quality - you can see examples here and here.

If you clicked on those links, you'll see they are quite a contrast: one is beautifully done as a film-type trailer, while the other is simply slides. Which do you prefer?

Making a Book Trailer for Improved SEO for Authors and Booksales

I love the idea of doing a book trailer. However, the thousands of pounds - or dollars, if that's your currency - required for a professional video, directed by someone famous, is really out of my league.

So I chose the free option: - they have various templates that you just slip your words and pictures into. The result is rather charming, I thought. Cheezy, certainly, but charming.

So, why make a video trailer for the printed word?

Apparently, there are several reasons:

  • You can put a video on your author page on Amazon. If nothing else, it cheers the page up a bit!
  • You can use a video to drive traffic to your book!
  • A video paints a thousand words ... if you're too shy to talk about your book, you can send people to the video - and from there to your bookseller.
  • You can have fun with it!

I had fun with mine - and it gave me a few ideas about future efforts. But right now, if someone asks what I do, I can point them in the direction of this video.

What do you think? Too cheezy? Just right? In the middle somewhere? Are you planning a video book trailer for your own book - or seen one that made you buy the book?

Share your thoughts in the comments below, leaving a link to your blog - and with your friends, too, using the sharing buttons provided!

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