The Reiki Circle


How does Reiki fit in to your real life? For Millie Garner, Reiki is essential in solving a murder!

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Reiki goes where it’s needed – to catch a murderer!

Reiki is more than a healing modality.

When a body is found with only Reiki Master Teacher Millie Garner’s name and address as identification, she is soon number one suspect in the murder of one of her Reiki Circle.

Add to this the dead flowers and even more unpleasant things turning up on someone else’s door, the group are soon drawn into the shadowy Red Heart’s “game”.

Join Millie and her group as they use the Reiki symbols, their circle and their advanced skills as they pour Reiki into the situation, make their own enquiries and finally track the murderer’s dark soul to his inner sanctum.

With a satisfyingly evil villain, Erasmus the cat, plenty of twists and a truly shocking insight into the mind of a murderous psychopath, Knight keeps you guessing right to the end.

About the Author:

Imogen Knight is a crazy cat lady given to unpleasant flights of fancy. A Reiki Master of several decades’ standing, she should probably know better. However, the stories were all there, so she’s started to write them down and publish them. She lives her Reiki life in Scotland.


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