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Giulia Simolo Writers Multiple Lives post graphic

The Writer’s Multiple Lives

As authors, we often feel like we're multiple people living multiple lives. This week's guest poster, Giulia Simolo, explores this concept. How do you experience the Writer's multiple lives?

The Writer’s Multiple Lives

By Giulia Simolo

Giulia Simolo Writers Multiple Lives post graphicIt was midnight. I could not sleep and my mind was wandering like a ship in the night, unsure of its destination but unwilling to throw its anchor overboard. That was when the voice came to me. It felt like that of an old friend, and yet it belonged to someone completely new and utterly fascinating. Continue reading The Writer’s Multiple Lives

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The Creator Within

Every child manifests the creator within - they play their imaginary games with their imaginary friends almost from the moment they are born - and yet, by the time we are adults we have lost that urge to create through criticism, trauma, practicality or some other form of socialisation.

Today's guest post author, Matthew Riffe, outlines his journey back to his creator within. Enjoy! Continue reading The Creator Within

Jeremy Shory Creative Imagination

Creative Imagination: The Writer’s Creative Process

The writer's creative imagination and process can be a wild ride, as Jeremy Shory indicates in his How to be an Author guest post. The smallest thing can set off the imagination into a roller coaster of creativity, adrenalin and furious writing. Which is why you see so many of us scribbling in notebooks or muttering into our phones, recording the ideas before they're chased away by the next butterfly thought. Continue reading Creative Imagination: The Writer’s Creative Process

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Being a Writer: Photography and Writing

There are many kinds of writers - and we all come to it from our own creative space. Michael Cantwell, today's guest poster, shares how his creativity in photography and writing are connected.

Photography and Writing

by Michael Cantwell

Mike Cantwell Photography and Writing headshotOver twenty years ago, photography became a hobby of mine. My mentor informed me that, “It will take you ten years before you understand the dynamics of making an image.” At the time, I thought the guy was nuts. Continue reading Being a Writer: Photography and Writing