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Imogen Knight - The Reiki Circle

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Imogen Knight - The Reiki Circle

Murder Mysteries - With a Reiki Twist

Imogen Knight's World


Imogen knight,  traditional Reiki Master/Teacher and author of The Reiki Circle Mysteries, is currently working on her second book of the series after the first was well received.  

Who would have thought Reiki and murder mysteries would go together so well?


Writers write.  Pretty much all the time.  Particularly when procrastinating about their current project.  

Imogen spends a great deal of time procrastinating and pontificating on the subject of writing - while not actually doing any herself!


Luckily, Imogen has friends who also love to procrastinate write on anything and everything.  Quite a few of them have guest articles for her blog.  

You can see how they connect to their process with their own distinct approaches.  

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It's surprising how much you can learn from others in the same field as you.  Join us now for articles by successful and aspiring writers ... and maybe become inspired to guest post yourself!

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Being a writer has its advantages

  • Brexit will have no effect on your writing one way or the other - except, perhaps, as inspiration for a new story
  • No need to worry about your pension
  • As hobbies go, it's pretty cheap
  • Ideal for introverts
  • You can write anywhere - even the beach!
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